4 Least Known Misconceptions About Logo Design

//4 Least Known Misconceptions About Logo Design

4 Least Known Misconceptions About Logo Design

Every entrepreneur has their idea about logo design due to failure to understand the meaning of a logo. This misunderstanding makes none of the plans to work. Thus, creating a professional logo becomes an enormous task.

This misconception has played a significant role in creating poor logos for your business. So, for your company to have the perfect logo design, here are 5 misconceptions you should avoid:

A logo must reflect all about what the company does

Not really, a logo cannot tell customers all about you. It is an expression of a company’s identity. It only conveys the meaning of things that matter most. The primary tenacity of a logo is to identify your company from others.

Hence, as an entrepreneur, you should look for a simple and clear logo design. By doing this, you will find yourself stand out from competitors.

For your logo to look perfect, you must use a symbol or an icon

This concept is not true. Some of the famous logos do not have symbols or images. The symbol does not have the company name. Hence, no matter how beautiful the emblem is no one will know what it stands.  At times, entrepreneurs use symbols for decorative purposes which do not add value.

However, symbols may be of importance to your company whereas you want to represent something relevant to your company.

Logo design must align with the industry style

Every industry has strict rules about how they will design their logo. But, they can break it if it can’t make a great logo design. For instance, if your company has a standard of using dull colors for the logo, you can break it and use a brighter color which is attractive

 A logo is an eye of your company. Hence, it should look amazing in that customers will be interested in looking at it.

You should have an eternality logo

This myth should not worry you. You can’t use the old logo with new technology. So, you have to be up to date and come up with a new logo design. In the past days, logos were not as attractive as they are today.

In this era, things have changed. Unique logos attract customers. They enjoy staring at it and get interested to know more about your company.

Wrapping up

Your primary goal is to create a great logo design. Right? If so, avoid the above misconceptions. You can create your logo with the help of free logo maker software such as Canva.


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